One size doesn’t fit all!

At Fast-Fix we take pride in the quality of our work-especially ring sizing. Being able to size a ring properly is a really important skill when you’re a jeweler and we always know we’ve done it right when the customer says “I can’t even tell where you sized it!”. When sizing a ring larger or smaller we take care to make sure that if stones are present the prongs are tight and the stones are in place after the work is finished and warranty for one year.

All of our jewelers have had years of experience at the bench and are well versed in the art of ring sizing. It takes great skill to cut the back of the ring, add a piece of gold and blend it in with the style of the ring while making sure the back of the ring is not thinned out. Sizing a ring smaller can present even more difficulties. Our jewelers spend the time to check the center and side stones; guaranteeing they stay in place after we size the ring. And you have a one-year warranty!

Sizing a ring with a large center stone presents special difficulties as it has a tendency to flip around on your finger. At Fast-Fix, our jewelers specialize in special solutions for sizing your ring so that it’s comfortable on your finger and stays in place. Let us show you all of the different solutions available so you can wear your ring with style and pride.

For those of you with painful arthritis and beautiful rings-you have a problem! It’s difficult to wear your rings when you can’t get them over your enlarged knuckle. At Fast-Fix, our jewelers specialize in expandable shanks and other solutions so that you can wear your rings again.

Sizing a silver ring is a whole different process than sizing a gold ring. David Yurman, James Avery, Judith Ripka, Tiffany, Cartier and other expensive silver rings simply can’t be sized using traditional methods. At Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair, we specialize in sizing silver rings with our laser welder technology. We can make sure the stones are preserved during the process and we can restore the original finish of the ring.

Lots of people have an old class ring sitting in their jewelry box that they can’t wear because it’s just too small. At Fast Fix we specialize in sizing class rings. Bring your ring to Fast-Fix and let us size your finger properly so that we can make that ring so you can wear with pride again!

The current style of engagement rings utilizes lots of little tiny diamonds. Every day someone comes to our counter with one or more of those small stones missing in the ring after it’s been sized somewhere else. We keep all replacement sizes and qualities in stock to fix your ring TODAY. Our Fast Fix jewelers will take the time to carefully check every one of those other small diamonds in the ring to make sure the prongs are tight and the rest of the stones are secure. Plus, you can rest assured we warranty those diamonds will stay in that ring for one year.

Often times people ask me at the counter if we can “thicken up the back of their ring”. The actual physics of gold do not lend themselves to just dropping molten gold on the back of the ring to “thicken it”. At Fast-Fix we ask you to bring us your ring and let us show you how we properly replace the back part of your ring so that it’s new, solid and able to be worn for many more years.

The jewelry industry has changed so much over the last few years with the addition of laser welder technology. At Fast-Fix, ring sizing is an art that we have perfected using this machine. There are so many different materials, styles and finishes that were not used years ago and the laser welder enables us to size all of them perfectly. We were one of the first jewelers to have a laser in the Houston area and we have the experience to use it properly.

If you got a ring today, stop by Fast-Fix and let us get you ready to wear it tonight! Feel free to shop, enjoy a cup of coffee or simply watch while we size your ring and get you on your way. We do all of the work right in front of you so you never have to worry about whether or not you’re getting “your” stone back. You’ll always wonder if you will be getting back your original diamond when you have to send the ring off to be sized. At Fast-Fix we do all of the work while you watch and while you wait for a worry free ring sizing experience.

How much does it cost to size a ring? At Fast Fix we get asked that question every day on the phone. And it is a difficult question to answer without having the ring in our hands. Width of the shank, thickness of the shank, diamond, colored stone, larger, smaller, silver, gold, platinum? Those are just a few of the factors we have to take into account when we’re quoting a price for our service. It is safe to say that a ring sizing begins at $50 and can go up to $100 and even more depending on the complexity of the sizing. All of our work is same day and comes with a one-year warranty.

Sizing a silver ring is a whole different process than sizing a gold ring-which is also much different process than sizing a platinum ring! We get calls every day about “how much is it to size my ring?” And the answer is “it depends… And”. Sizing a silver ring is almost always going to have to be done with our laser welder technology because of the way that silver conducts heat. Most jewelers prefer not to size or repair silver at all. At Fast-Fix we understand the nature of silver and how to protect the stones, inlay and/or patina while doing a repair or a sizing. The basic price for silver sizing up or down is generally in the neighborhood of $40 to $100 or more if the ring is a high-end silver ring designer. All the work is done same day!

If your new engagement ring is platinum and you want to wear it tonight, Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair is the place for you. Working with platinum takes the highest level of skill a jeweler has because of the immense difficulty of working with the metal. And especially with today’s styles being paved with small diamonds down the sides of the ring. Sizing a ring of this difficulty can only be done with a laser welder and a jeweler skilled enough to know how to use it. And because of the difficulty, prices for platinum tend to be a little higher than gold and begin at around $75 and range to $200 depending on the complexity of the ring. All of our work is guaranteed for one year and you can have it TODAY!

Is sizing white gold the same as sizing yellow gold? Is the price the same? That’s a question we hear every day at Fast-Fix. White gold is yellow gold made using different alloys so the methods for sizing are little bit different due to the different material. Sizing a yellow gold ring generally starts around $50 and can go over $100 if the ring is particularly complex. Sizing a white gold ring runs $10-$15 more depending on its complexity and its finish. Great care is taken to make sure all of the stones are secure and the prongs so when you leave our store you can have a worry free experience wearing your ring.

There are three things you are looking for when you are considering using a service. Price, speed and quality. Speed and quality determine the price when you are considering paying for a ring sizing service. At Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair we use the highest quality materials and tools. Our jewelers have decades at the bench and as a consequence the prices for our service are a little bit more. Your ring is something you are going to look at every day and you want it to be perfect. You also want to be able to wear it without worrying that the center stone or small side stones will fall out. We guarantee when you slip your newly sized ring onto your finger you will say is “I can’t even tell where you sized it!” That’s the mark of a job well done.

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